Modern kitchen design details

Poggenpohl P´7350 Design by Studio F. A. Porsche

This elegant kitchen is also produced with the unusual technology of industrial mitring of the front and carcase. 
Poggenpohl P´7350 - Design by Porsche Design Studio - Detailansicht Auszug (Gehrung)

Quality is in details.


An evergreen choice for your home

Or for your office, hotel lounge and any other well designed interior. Over the years, they have managed to retain their appeal and stand as timeless pieces of furniture that each design-lover wants to have at home - at least one of them. You guess what I am talking about? Yes, about the mid-century modern design pieces that still continue to be considered a proof of good taste. You have probably heard that famous quote by Tom Wolfe, who in his 1981 book about modern architecture "From Bauhaus to Our House" mocked the Barcelona chair as "the Platonic ideal of chair" that, despite its high price, owning one had became a necessity for young architects: "When you saw the holy object on the sisal rug, you knew you were in a household where a fledgeling architect and his young wife had sacrificed everything to bring the symbol of the godly mission into their home."

But few people know that there are some not very popular details about its design. Its name comes from the Barcelona Pavilion, created by Mies van der Rohe who worked along with Lilly Reich on behalf of the German government for the 1929 World Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. The Barcelona Pavilion is considered to be a masterpiece of modern design, however, Lilly Reich is rarely mentioned in textbooks, nor given proper credit for her contributions although the two of them collaborated and co-designed the famous Barcelona Chair, the Brno Chair and many other.

This IBIZA CHAIR from the Regency Shop is a reproduction based upon the designs of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich first shown in Barcelona, Spain in 1929 and meets architectural specifications of the original design. It continues to fascinate design lovers from allover the world and is one of the evergreen choices that you can make.

Another one is  the famous example of the iconic mid-century modern design (and one of my favourites) - the Egg chair, designed in 1956 by Arne Jacobsen for the Radisson SAS hotel in Copenhagen. With its flowing curves this is probably the other most recognizable piece of the modern classics. I would be happy to use it in any of my interior design projects, especially with the possibility to choose from many colours and materials for the upholstery. The elegance and coziness of the Egg chair appeals to the senses and has been inspiration for many modern interpretations.

And when talking about coziness, the furniture design element that evokes mostly this feeling is the deep buttoned, tufted lupholstery that is so emblematic of the Chesterfield sofa.  It is one of the oldest and most desireable sofa styles which is also seeing resurgence in popularity and numerous modern interpretations. Some people believe that there is nothing more luxurious than cowhide chesterfields, but  if you are not a fanatic of leather, you can choose from a tremendous scope of materials that will match your modern interior.

To add more colour to this list of evergreen designs for your home I would also include the Modern Ball Clock - an iconic example of mid-century modern design inspired by the famous Nelson clock:

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Just apply a suitable Wall Mural:

Wake up with your head in the clouds 


Some professional advice on KITCHEN LIGHTING

I was invited by Christopher Sweet from Chandelier Shack to share my number 1 lighting tip for a new kitchen and, as experienced interior designer, it was my pleasure to share it. I was just one of the '9 Experts to Reveal Their Best Lighting Tips and Tricks for Kitchens'.

For me it was interesting to find that 50% of the experts advised to focus on Dimmers. My #1 tip on lighting for your kitchen is about lighting below the upper cupboards just above the working area. 
I am sure that it will be interesting to read all the answers at the above links and that you will find them very useful.



Kid's rooms ideas

I just saw these fresh kids' room designs and cannot but share them:

The bunk beds in this Manhattan townhouse come in the form of a puppet theater designed by one of the boys, with the help of decorators Carol Egan and Wayne Nathan; the Ant chairs are by Arne Jacobsen.


Striped Wall Project

In fact, colour is one of the main components in the interior design scheme, especially in kids' rooms.
This minimalistic room is great for a teenager
More kids' rooms ideas for kids of any age are available throught this blog - check them and get inspired :)



The September addition of MAISON&OBJET is near - the exact dates are September 2-6, 2016. Let's have a glimpse to what is coming. The Inspiration theme this year is HOUSE OF GAMES:

maison objet house of games

"It reflects a number of signals we’ve picked up in the fashion, contemporary art, luxury and design industries, and even in gastronomy. This HOUSE OF GAMES marks the return of a renewed baroque, dandy style, which leaves ample room for fantasy, eccentricity and appeal. More generally speaking, we are noticing an increasing interest in board games, as well as private clubs, which counterbalance the lonely life we lead behind screens and help us restructure our lives around rules we can easily apply." 
v gregoirie-maison objet house of games

explains Vincent Grégoire (Agence NellyRodi)."The padded Chesterfield chair is once again a must-have. Regarding accessories, the trend is for building a rich décor, evocative of wunderkammers, with display cabinets, fisheye mirrors, trophies, even wall jewellery, like that designed by Michaël Cailloux. There is growing interest for cabinetmaking, precious cases and boxes."

2016.09 - Inspirations - House of Games from MAISON&OBJET on Vimeo.


TRENDOFFICE is one of 'The 200 Best Interior Design & Decorating Blogs'!

TRENDOFFICE is included in another list of the Best Interior Design & Decorating Blogs! This very well curated and styled list is created by RUGKNOTS:

 interior design blogs

Thank you, RUGKNOTS :)

Trend Office

trend office
Trend Office provides readers with the latest news on the interior design industry - and also gives home design advice from the professionals.
Check the other international lists for best interior design blogs that Trendoffice is part of.


Fascinating 3D LED lamps

Perfect for your kid's room or for any room - as an accent piece with good practical use for home&office decor, kid's room decor, bedside lamp, nursery light etc. It creates different ambience in your rooms..

Fat Bird 3D Led Lamp - $90USD $120 (Save 25%)

They are on SALE and the choice is big:

Teddy Bear 3D Led Lamp

Horse 3D Illusion Led Lamp

$90USD$120 (Save 25%)

Modern Geometric 3D Decorative Lamp

$90USD$120 (Save 25%)

Clover 3D LED Lamp

Did you find anything for your home? My choice is probably the Horse.


A luxury teen room with a bath

A daughter's bathroom in this apartment on Paris's Right Bank features colorful cubby shelves. The Corian sink is of a custom design, and the tub fittings are by Dornbracht.

Get the look: Kast 3 Height Unit Tall Storage, $13,655, hivemodern.com
How do you like the idea? I think that this is a great way to organize your grown up daughter's living in one large space with the comfort of a bathtub next to her bed.


Fashion for the home

The fashion and interior design interconnection is one of my favourite themes, as my regular readers have already noticed - they share common trends, color schemes, patterns and ideas. Now we have the possibility to make this connection through tiles. Ceramica Sant’Agostino have another three-dimensional, porcelain-rectified, digitally printed collection entitled Tailorart. 

Mimicking textiles in warm tones, the series looks almost soft and reminiscent of midcentury modern fabrics. As they say, the collection presents "the ceramic art of sewing the softness of fabric on the strength of the stoneware"Available in six colorways and patterns.

I have posted a lot about how fashion and interior design connect and even about their earlier collection Digitalart, that showed the first fabric effect made on a ceramic surface with three-dimensional texture. I think that this allows interior designers to create elegant and very cozy atmosphere even in bathrooms and large commercial areas.

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